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Looking for a new way to pleasure yourself? Check out our collection of masturbators! Whether you're looking for a realistic feel or a unique design, we have something for everyone. Our collection features products from top brands like Fleshlight, Tenga, and Pipedream.

We offer a wide variety of masturbators including strokers, sleeves, and realistic vaginas. Our products are made from high-quality materials like silicone and TPE to provide a comfortable and realistic experience. Choose from a range of textures and designs to find the perfect fit for you.

Our masturbators are designed to enhance your solo play experience and provide intense pleasure. Some of our products feature unique designs that provide suction, vibration, and other exciting sensations. Explore our collection to find the perfect masturbator for your needs.

At My Naughty Love, we prioritize your privacy and offer discreet packaging and shipping on all orders. Shop our collection of masturbators today and take your solo play to the next level!

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Ion...Hit the right nerve. Meet the world's first Pleasure Air stroker. Experience a new type of orgasm as unique pulsating airwaves stimulate sensitive Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum. Experience a powerful new type of...


Zero Tolerance Kendra Spade Download with Realistic Side Vagina Stroker from Evolved Novelties. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a life-like double entry stroker while lying down! This unique vaginal and anal stroker...

Zero Tolerance The Thrusting Stroker
  • -10%

    Zero Tolerance Toys The Thrusting Stroker from Evolved Novelties. Zero Tolerance is proud to unveil this powerful thrusting stroker that feels like the real thing because its motor seem to have a mind of its...

    Get Lucky Quickies Ass-to-mouth Double-sided Male Masturbator
    • Soldout

      Ultra-soft feel. Realistic mouth and ass design. Skin safe with soft inner sleeve ribbed texture for intense stimulation. Discreet storage cup design. Double sided for two ways to play! Comfortable grip cup/ Ultra-flexible, soft, skinlike...


      The masturbation egg is a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of male pleasure products, offering a discreet yet incredibly effective means of self-gratification. At first glance, its compact and innocuous appearance might appear puzzling, resembling...

      47500745343279 Male Masturbator
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      The Male Masturbator represents an evolution in intimate self-care products for men, designed to offer a heightened sensory experience while prioritizing comfort, discretion, and user-friendliness. These devices have gained significant traction in the adult toy...


      The Vacuum Male Masturbator is a cutting-edge device in the world of men's pleasure products, merging technology and design to elevate the experience of self-gratification. With the primary goal of mimicking and, in some cases,...

      47274185064751 Automatic Male Masturbator
      • -20%

      The Automatic Male Masturbator is a modern evolution in male pleasure devices, designed to provide an enhanced and more immersive experience than traditional hand stimulation. By integrating advanced technology and innovative designs, it brings a...

      Airflow Suction Control Masturbator 47238051889455
      • -30%

      The Airflow Suction Control Masturbator represents the latest in intimate male pleasure devices, utilizing air pressure and suction to create a uniquely satisfying experience. These devices aim to mimic the sensations of oral stimulation, giving...

      46796343574831 Automatic Male Masturbator Telescopic Black Blue
      • -14%

      The Automatic Male Masturbator is a revolutionary intimate device designed to simulate the sensations of human intimacy, offering users a heightened pleasure experience. As technology continues to evolve, these devices have become increasingly sophisticated, merging...

      46795786256687 Automatic Male Masturbator White Red
      • Soldout

        The Automatic Male Masturbator is a revolutionary intimate device designed to simulate the sensations of human intimacy, offering users a heightened pleasure experience. As technology continues to evolve, these devices have become increasingly sophisticated, merging...

        46796956598575 Automatic Male Masturbator Telescopic Black Red
        • -14%

        Elevate your solo experience with the Automatic Male Masturbator Telescopic Black Red! With its automatic telescopic design, it'll take your pleasure game to new heights! Feeling wild? Take it for a spin and watch the...

        46656122913071 Automatic Male Massager
        • -23%

          Product Name: Automatic Male Massager (Masturbator - Adult Sex Toy) Description: Experience pleasure like never before with our cutting-edge Automatic Male Massager, a sophisticated adult sex toy designed to redefine your solo experiences. Key Features:...

          Double Shot Pussy And Ass Stroker - Dark
          • -9%

            Stroke a juicy, tight butthole or plunge into a voluptuous vulva with this Mistress Mini Double Stroker! Designed so you can have both the front and back holes to fulfill your fantasy, it is also...

            Jesse Jane Side Action Pussy And Ass Masturbator
            • -11%

              Roll her over on her side for a quicky! This pretty little lady has her holes exposed for your use. Jesse Jane is here to reclaim her throne. The bubby and busty blonde is back...


              Enjoy the inner textured delight of this masturbator! Encapsulated in its own case for long lasting and convenient storage when not in use, this anal inspired stroker combines convenience and function for a fulfilling experience....


              Stroke and twist with the Sophia and Sabrina pleasure sleeve! This double trouble stroker comes with two holes for you to play with! The included bullet vibrator fits perfectly in the bullet pockets on both...


              Indulge in the life-size lower half of Sophia with this Bottoms Up masturbator. It is designed to deliver a heavy, meaty, and soft experience for an unforgettable solo play session. The textured holes offer maximum...


              When it comes to indulging in a masturbator, why settle for anything less than extraordinary? This sensational toy offers a combination of powerful suction and intense vibration that will take your pleasure to new heights....


              Indulge in your fantasies with this combination of breasts and pussy for those who get really turned on by a beautiful pair of jugs! With a textured love canal in the center that is tight...

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