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Ankle Cuffs

Ankle Cuffs

🖤 Flirt with Restraint: Ankle Cuffs for the Playfully Bold 🌹

For the adventurous souls of North America who enjoy a touch of allure and mystery in their intimate encounters, we present our premium Ankle Cuffs collection. Whether you're diving into the world of BDSM or adding a new layer of tantalizing tease to your repertoire, these cuffs promise to delight.

🕊️ A Gentle Embrace: Crafted with utmost precision and designed for comfort, our cuffs ensure a snug yet gentle hold. Embrace the thrill, but always remember: comfort is king.

🌌 Discover New Dimensions: Elevate your play, explore boundaries, and let the cuffs guide you to uncharted territories of pleasure. It's an invitation to a dance of trust and sensation.

❤️ Safety First, Always: While exploring the depths of passion and power play, mutual respect and communication are paramount. Always prioritize your partner's well-being and establish clear boundaries. Play safe, play consensual, and let the adventure bring you closer than ever.

Dear explorers of the USA and Canada, as you flirt with the edges of desire, let our Ankle Cuffs be your trusted companion. But remember, in the realm of passion, compassion reigns supreme.

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Professional Police Leg Irons
  • -8%

    Great value. These nickel plated leg irons look great and are police quality. To help prevent your detainee from escaping, they made these cuffs fully double locking. 2 keys included.


    Plush faux fur lines the bottom of these Wrist and Ankle cuffs equaling a comfortable fit on a person" s wrist or ankles. The cuff is durable and has a D-ring for attachment to other...


    The Strict Leather Deluxe Leather Locking Cuffs are built from durable high quality leather for long hard use. They incorporate our locking buckle system for maximum security. They" re 2 inches wide and reinforced with...

    Strict Leather Standard Locking Ankle Cuffs
    • -20%

      The Strict Leather Standard Leather Locking Cuffs are great for those wanting to experiment with bondage. They are affordable and yet still offer a high level of quality. They are durable, good looking, and come...


      The Strict Leather Premium Locking Leather Cuffs are 2.25 inches wide and reinforced with three layers of leather. This heavy duty design provides additional security and weighs in at over 10 ounces. They come with...


      These cuffs are great basic leather cuffs. They" re lined in smooth suede and constructed of soft strong leather with bright steel. They" re both durable and comfortable. The heavy duty O ring attached to...


      Fantastic style meets comfort, functionality, and durability with our new Strict Leather Black and Red Locking Cuffs. These cuffs are made of red garmet leather with black reinforced stitching. These cuffs use a locking buckle,...


      Leather Ankle Cuffs with Piping and padding camo, with duo carabiner. Possibility to close with padlock. High quality leather. Leather thickness 4mm e or approximately .15 inch, for hard games!


      These beautiful ankle cuffs make sure your sub cannot escape your control! The cuffs can be adjusted from 13 to 30cm e or approximately 5.11 inches to 11.8 inches and therefore always fit perfectly. The...


      Hold tight to your desire! These soft full grain leather ankle restraints are padded for comfort, and built for pleasure to last as long as you dare! Full grain leather. Padded for comfort. Hook and...


      Sinful has been the name in affordable playful kink in pink. Now, Sinful just made  sexy a little bit sexier! NS Novelties is excited to introduce Sinful: Black. Everyone's favorite collection is now available in...


      Get kinky in pink with the NS Novelties Sinful Ankle Cuffs. These ankle cuffs are beautifully designed in faux leather laid over soft, high grade neoprene for maximum comfort, yet solid restraint. Made of high...


      Awaken your desires and delve into the realm of Lust. Meticulously constructed restraints designed to bind your pleasures with an exquisite offering of purple bondage wear. Lust is a collection of wrist and ankle cuffs,...


      Made from high-quality steel, these restraints are the perfect accessory for safe and fun bondage play. The double-locking mechanism ensures that sensitive ankles don't get pinched, crushed, or squeezed too tightly -- but they're plenty...


      Looking for a cuff that can do it all and made to play hard? Look no further. The comfortable ankle cuffs easily adjust with velcro to fit snug and tight, and they're big enough to...


      Spartacus Galaxy Legend Faux Leather Ankle Restraints with Black Hardware. Locking Buckle.


      Spartacus Faux Fur Lining Ankle Restraints Brown Floral Print. Adjustable. Buckle closures. One size fits most.


      These Prowler RED heavy-duty ankle cuffs will keep your submissive partner securely restrained while you live out your fantasies. The heavy-duty stainless steel is strong and weighty against the ankles, creating an authentic feel to...


      These dark and sexy looking leather Ankle cuffs are soft and comfortable enough the be restrained for a lengthy time. The removable chain allows you to be chained up in various positions whilst being able...


      Handcrafted padded leather ankle cuffs with brass hardware. D-ring on each cuff for versatile bondage play. Detachable chain with swivel lobster clasp at each end. Compatible with the spreader bar and hog tie. Versatile for...

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